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Trained, certified, and ready-to-deploy talent on tap to enhance and improve organisational agility, flexibility, and productivity.

Zero Cost Hiring

Cost Effective & Ready to deploy from Day-1

About Us

The hire-train-deploy model is a disruptive training program that aims to bridge the gap between an organization’s expectations and the time required to hire candidates, who require no prior, or on-the-job training, to be assigned to a particular job.  

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Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD), win-win process for corporates and employees

Discussion - MOU

Understanding Corporate requirements, Job Nature and a SLA Agreement


Sourcing, Researching Specialists with proven domain expertise


Multi-Stage Screening and Training based on requirement (1 or 2 Weeks)


Deploy with Client's place for Day-1 Employment with Certification

Why Choose Us

Cost-effective and value-added business model

Assured quality, multi-stage pre & post-screening

Curriculum mapping as per requirement

Zero investment in hiring team

Trained & skilled professionals on tap #InHire

Achieve business goals through outsourced bulk-hiring

Risk optimization with higher productivity

Predictable and scalable model to build a steady talent pipeline

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