InHire - Franchise Opportunity

Leading Growth Partner

InHire is win-win platform on EdTech initiative that gives industry-relevant, role-specific, technology-enabled and Study Aboard programmes. 

“InHire (India Hire) is product of  Hirelyz Business Solutions Private Limited(HBSPL)”.

HBSPL has already established a renowned brand and has developed all the tools and systems required to run the business successfully. There is transfer of knowledge and resources – HBSPL extends the solutions and garnered information to the franchise – greatly enhancing the learning curve. The mistakes have already been made and the lessons already learnt.! HBSPL already have developed their own marketing solutions, trainings  support, and have already established a brand for the market, drastically reducing risk – perhaps this remains the biggest advantages of franchising. The potential for high returns hence increases drastically. 

Why InHire


Success Stories

100% Assurance

Job Assured Program's

Industry Expert's

Professionally Handled

Top Benefits Of Being A InHire Partners

Proven Business Model

1. This model is giving you the confidence of running a business with an assurance of success.

2. We have collaborated with various franchise partners and placement partners for Banking and Financial Service Industry among India

3. Strong collaboration with Top Global Universities on abroad countries such as UK, Canada, France and more

4. High Success Rate and All-time Support A franchise in the education industry involves a higher success rate and lower risk because there are no education budget cuts even during tough times. With a higher success rate, the franchise experiences a higher ROI. The franchise also gets support from InHire for setting up infrastructure, branding, marketing and publicity, supplies, technology, etc

Key Features

1. Demand Driven Training Courses

2. 100% Placement & Admission Support

3. Highest Revenue Sharing

4. Optimum Utilization of Existing Infrastructure

Partner's Profile

1. Extensive Business Acumen

2. Awareness about Edutech with Business Experience

3. Full dedication towards the Centre Business

4. Interest on Random Business Growth

Franchise & Partnering


License Fee

1. Rs.1,50,000/- (Refundable) includes Promotional Kit
2. Term of Contract: 3 years
3. Class Room: 1
4. Computer Lab: 1
5. Counselling Office: 1

InHire Center

Infra Requirement

1. Computer: Windows 10 with i3 – 5th Gen
2. Printer
3. Power back-Up: 2KVA Minimum
4. Area Required: 600 Sq Ft
5. Workstations: 4 Seat

People / Manpower


1. Counselors: 4
2. Centre Manager : 1
3. Billing / Accountant : 1
4. Soft Skills Faculty : 1
5.We will handle from our side

InHire - Together


A license to operate under brand HBSPL along with our reputation and goodwill
ISO Certification with HBS Team collaboration
Regular update on Marketing Strategies
Placement Support
Manpower Recruitment & Training Assistance
Opportunity with Study Aborad & Visa Business

InHire Support


Visiting Card: 200
Brochure: 50
Study Material: Unlimited Soft
Internal Poster: 1 set
Digital Posters

InHire - Together

Revenue Assurance

40% of the Invoice Billing will be shared with franchise partner from InHire
ROI in 45 Days
Risk Free Business Module
100% Growth Mentoring
Administrative Assistance
Award & Reorganization

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